"Unlike other villains, I shalln't be telling you my plan. Good day...Oh, and in my mind, I'm not a villain: I think what I am doing is good."

Big Jo is a recurring character in Disenchantment. He is the world's leading exorcist and a very creepy person.


Big Jo is an elderly man, with a male pattern baldness and wavey grey hair at the back. He has a large nose and bags under his eyes. He wears a black robe with a crimson shawl and cape, and carries an exorcism kit bag with bottled souls.


He successfully performs an exorcism on Bean to remove Luci.

Bean cut off his left arm which was then replaced by a mechanical one, but he lost it again when an assassin of Maru chopped it off.

He has the ability to withstand lava, and seemingly death by suffocation.


  • He has been a necromancer for 45 years.
  • To the audience he is a James Bond style villain, but he doesn't think of himself as being one because he believes that what he is doing is good.
  • His appearance and behavior creeps most people out and they tend to yelp when they first see him. He is used to it, saying "I get that a lot" and he creeps even Odval out.


Big Joe: Of course! Cremorrah.
Luci: It's that creepy exorcist!
Big Joe: I have a name you know...
Big Joe: No, Mr. Elfo, I expect you to fry.
Big Joe: Unlike other villains, I shan't be telling you my plan. Good bye....Oh, and in my mind, I'm not a villain. I think what I'm doing is good.
Big Joe: You haven't finished me yet
Elfo slaps him with own arm into the volcano
Big Joe: Now you have....