Humans are one of the many species appearing in Disenchantment.


Humans in Disenchantment are similar in appearance to real-life humans, except most of them have severe overbites and cartoonish features - which is to be expected from Matt Groening's style. Unlike it's sister shows, Futurama and The Simpsons, Humans in Disenchantment have five fingers rather than four.


  • Dreamland is a feudal society, with a Royal Family and a Royal Court (composed of Sorcerio the Alchemist, Jester and Bunty the Chambermaid and Odval the Chamberlain, or Royal Advisor).
  • The majority of people are paupers, eking out a very basic living.
  • There is little or no sanitation and streets are littered with food waste and raw sewage.
  • As in medieval Europe (especially England) this leads to an ongoing plague. A Plague Patrol gathers the corpses daily.
  • Humans in Disenchantment behave in a similar way to Humans in real life, and share many actions and rituals together. eg. They enjoy going to church, gambling and getting drunk on beer in pubs.
  • A rudimentary religion - a parody Christianity in it's early stages - is practiced in the church by a priestess.
  • Science has yet to be established, with it's precursor alchemy being practiced by Sorcerio.
    • There are 3 known "sciences", with one of them being "smoke".
  • Poisons and potions are all widely in use.


  • Humans have 5 fingers whereas Elfo the elf is shown to have 4 fingers, and Queen Oona the Dankmirian has 3. The number of fingers is thus a way of distinguishing between species.
  • As the show is set in the Middle Ages, it might be assumed that the Humans will be more closely related in beliefs and ideologies to those from that time in history than they would be to Modern Humans. This is true of some things, such as attitudes to science (alchemy) and religion (early Christianity), but not of others, such as issues surrounding identity and political correctness. The expectation for the characters to have a traditional outlook is played with by inserting some modern ideas, such as the feminist gang leader ("crime is male-dominated, innit?) who robs Bean in episode 3. The gang refer to themselves as "highway people" and as a "gender neutral kleptocracy".