"I'll never be anything more than a wealthy queen of a fabulous faraway's my destiny."

Princess "Bean" (full name: Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeau Grunkwitz)[1] is the main character of Disenchantment. She is an alcoholic and constantly accompanied by her elf friend Elfo, and her "personal demon" Luci. Princess Bean lives in Dreamland with her father King Zøg. She is nineteen years old and a hard drinker.[2]

Princess Bean is voiced by Broad City co-creator Abbi Jacobson.


When not in a wedding dress, Princess Bean wears a cyan tunic with white sleeves, brown leggings and tied dark brown boots. She is equipped with a belt with a silver buckle. Her hair is platinum blond (like her mother), and oversized eyes and ears like her father. She has a round nose like her grandma Bee-Baw, and freckles. buck teeth and an overbite.


Not a traditional princess, Bean is quite the opposite. She refuses to marry the eligible princes presented to her in order to inhabit the stereotypical role of having heirs which forge alliances. She is rebelling against her father, Zog - who has driven her to drink - and the limited life-choices of being a princess. She believes in finding her own destiny and seeking independence. She is often seen as irresponsible, rebellious, cynical, an alcoholic but is independent and surprisingly likeable princess.


Prior to being magically paired with Luci. and finding the companionship of Elfo, Bean had no friends - not even bridesmaids for her wedding. Her companions were her drinking buddies from the pubs she frequented. As such, most of her relationships are familial:

  • Queen Dagmar: Bean's mother. Died 15 years ago (or so she believes). She was in fact turned to stone by a magic potion.
  • Bunty: Bean's nurse. Raised Bean.
  • Zog: Bean's father and King of Dreamland. Bean has a difficult relationship with him: he is scared of female emotions for one thing.
  • Luci: personal demon (or daemon). Taking the form of a shadowy being, who is mistaken for a talking cat, he is a curse which is cast on Bean by the mysterious Maru couple, the Emperor Cloyd and the Enchantress. (Bean is unaware of their existence and role in her life).
  • Elfo: errant elf. After leaving the Elfwood for the excitement and adventure of the outside world, Elfo stumbles upon the castle of Zog, after which he allies himself with Bean and Luci.
  • The trio of Bean, Elfo and Luci are the main focus of the misadventures in the show.


Bean is the central protagonist of the series. Matt Groening designed her to look "unlike any cartoon princess you've ever seen before." He has further stated "she is unconventionally beautiful, but I think audiences will fall in love with her." The character came about after a decade of Groening researching old classic fairy tales, where it was the women and children who were strong characters while the men were weak willed. Bean is designed to represent the genre's original paradigm.

Abbi Jacobson improvised a number of Bean's lines.[2]

Cultural References

  • Game of Thrones (2011-present): Bean's platinum-blonde hair is likely a reference to the white hair of a certain dragon riding princess.
    • Judging by this article, Matt Groening didn't want more than one reference to G.O.T, so this is probably an exception.[3]


  • Her full name is Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie De La Rochambeaux Grunkwitz;[1] however, she mispronunced her last name as "Drunkowitz" while heavily drunk on schnapps in "Swamp and Circumstance".
  • According to Luci, Bean has blue eyes.
  • Like her mother, her favorite "food" is beer, and she loves the smell of wet grass.
  • She likes to party, and consumes the recreational drugs snake root, bread mould and a hallucinogen called "Bliss".
    • Given this reference to hallucinogens, the bread mould reference is likely to be connected with ergotised rye. Albert Hoffman synthesised LSD from this fungus.



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