"They're such relative terms aren't they darling? Hero and villain."

Queen Dagmar is the mother of Bean and a previous wife of King Zøg. She harbours a dark secret.


Queen Dagmar is a beautiful woman with voluminous white hair and big round eyes. She wears an elegant royal blue dress with a turquoise sleeveless top and a revealing crimson corset. She wears a necklace with a large gemstone.


She spends most of the first season as a stone statue into which she was turned 15 years earlier after ingesting a poison. She is reanimated towards the end of the season, when we discover her true identity as a Maru princess.


  • She is the second female villain in the show, after Gretel.
  • She is the unexpected villain, which is revealed at the end of season one. However, she makes a point about the terms hero and villain being relative (in the same way as Big Jo does in S01E08) so her true agenda is yet to be fully revealed.
  • She is the daughter of unspecified nobles before she married Zög.
  • She was everything Bean wanted to be.
  • She likes the smell of wet grass.
  • Her favorite food is beer.
  • She has innate magical powers which developed when she reached maturity. She appears to have passed these on to Bean. (see quotes)
    • As she is affiliated with the Maruvians, this suggests that she might be more than human.

Plot Spoilers

She was turned to stone after ingesting poison meant for Zøg. Zøg then spent the next fifteen years trying to free her from her stone prison. She is then freed by her daughter Bean who used a drop of elf blood from an elf named Watcho, which had spilled on her cloth. Bean dripped the blood into the Eternity Pendant and placed the pendant around Dagmar's neck freeing her from the spell.


Bean: That's never happened before - the thing with my fingers.
Dagmar: As you reach maturity you will notice many more changes.
Bean: Duh, I already know...
Dagmar: This isn't a sex talk.
Bean: Oh. What kind of talk is it?
Dagmar: There are some things you need to know about yourself, Bean

Dagmar: You alone are the key to the future of this kingdom [Dreamland]. All you need is my guidance.
Bean: Really?