Queen Oona is a character in Disenchantment. She is the second wife of King Zøg, stepmother of Princess Bean, and mother of Prince Derek. Oona is a Dankmirian, and a member of Dankmire's royal family.


Queen Oona is from Dankmire and shares in the pale green/blue skin complexion of her people. She also has a long, prehensile tongue which she uses to eat insects. She has long black hair and wears makeup on her face, including lipstick and eyeliner. Her expression is one of perpetual irritation. She wears a purple dress in her royal outfit.


  • She can traverse walls in a slithery manner.
  • She sleeps upside-down from the rafters like a bat.
  • She is a user of a drug called snakeroot.
  • Her accent makes her pronounce "v" like "w" and vice versa. The sound "th" is pronounced like "z" and she also rolls her "r".
    • "They will pay" becomes "Zey vill pay"
    • "We will see who is going to vanish" becomes "Vee vill see who is going to wanish"
    • Also, she says "tentacles" instead of "testicles" or "penis".


  • She is an inversion of the "wicked stepmother" trope.
    • The expectation is that she is the villain, but she turns out not to be that bad.


King Zøg: Not like my reptilicus.

Oona's Little Helper

Queen Oona: Hmph! He thinks I'm reptile?!

[Slithers up a wall]

Queen Oona: [sighs] I need some snakeroot to sooth my nerves... [eats some snakeroot] BAHHH!!!!!


Queen Oona: I don't see problem. Bean feels useless because she is useless.