The Princess of Darkness is the third episode in the Disenchantment series. It premiered on August 17, 2018.


Sorcerio declares that demonic possession is behind Bean's drunken exploits-- and things look dicey for Luci when the king hires an eerie exorcist.


After a night of drinking, Bean, Elfo and Luci go on a joyride using Lady Lingonberry's carriage. This catches the attention of the police using Donkeys as sirens, after jumping over a out of service bridge, they leave Lady Lingonberry to drown.

The trio as take King Zogs treasured Lemon. King Zog feels worried about his daughter because he tries everything to snap her daughter. He even misses his late Queen Dagmar, and calls Queen Oona a reptile. Feeling offended, Queen Oona eats some snakeroot whch makes her high and tipsy. Bean, Luci and Elfo take some of her snakeroot and try some. Making all three of them go high and drugged. While under the effects of the snakeroot, they all go on a day with making bad choices, as well as teaming up with a gang of criminals to steal stuff from the royal tomb. After the three leave Bean behind, she is taken into the palace and is tried for robbing the tomb; much to King Zog's frustration.

After Bean is locked up in her room, Zog, Odvar, and Sorcerio convince themselves that Bean is possessed by a demon. While they're being watched by the Oracle Fire, Emperor Cloyd and the Enchantress believe they they finally figured out their plan. To try to exorcise Bean, Sorcerio uses three of his known technique to exorcise the demon, but she remains unaffected, thinking that she is possessed by a tough demon, they call a creepy looking exorcist Big Jo for help. Big Jo starts to enter Bean's room with her sleeping and with Luci present. Not wanting Big Jo to discover their plan, The Enchantress uses her powers to conceal Luci inside Bean's mouth which literally possessed her. Big Jo tries every tool he has to exorcise Luci while the demon tries to play it cool. After Big Joe sprinkles an exorcising star and sets in on fire, Luci regurgitates himself out of her mouth and puts of the fires with his tail. But then, Big Jo captures him inside a bottle along with many captured demons. Bean finds out what happened to him, but she doesn't care

While spending the day without Luci, Bean and Elfo think about how much they miss him. They ask King Zog and Odval what Big Jo does to the demons. After finding out that he takes them to volcano and kills them with extreme prejudice, the two set out to save Luci, but they find the gang of criminals that betrayed them while they were high on snakeroot, Bean and Elfo beat them up and take back their dead families' belongings.

At the volcano, Big Jo drops a girl demon and Luci's lawyer into the lava, When Big Jo tries to Kill Luci next, Bean saves him, after struggling and taking the exorcist's knife, she sees that Elfo is held hostage. with no other choice, she throws the knife which chops Big Joe's arm off and falls into the lava. Much to Emperor Cloyd and the Enchantress being shocked at Bean's efforts. After freeing Luci (by crushing the bottle with a rock) Big Jo's carriage with many captured demons rolls away and crashes, freeing the demons. Luci calls this "A Happy ending for everyone.".

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Cultural References

The Simpsons / Futurama

  • In S07E02 of Futurama, "In A Gadda Da Leela", in the scene following the credits featuring Zapp Brannigan, Kif and Richard Nixon's head, Nixon refers to Kif as Reptilicus when he says "Repticilicus, press the thingy." / King Zog refers to Oona as Reptilicus.
    • In the same episode, the painted portrait Fry offers to give to Leela before she sets of with Zapp is in the same style as the portraits within the Dreamland castle. (see gallery)


  • Title Explained: "The Prince of Darkness" is a term for Satan used by John Milton in his poem Paradise Lost. In this episode it refers to Bean's possession by a demon, Luci, her subsequent exorcism by Big Jo and her rescuing Luci from the volcano, and therefore moving to the dark side.
  • Bean's grandmother was called Bee-Baw.
  • Lodestone is indeed magnetic, and was the mineral which lead to the discovery of magnattraction magnetism.
  • "Victims one-thru-nine" include 2 ventriloquist hand-puppets, one of Elfo, and the other of Bean.


Sorcerio: We can spout crazy theories all day but science suggests a more logical explanation: Bean is possessed by a demon!
Emperor Cloyd: Oh no! They are onto us!

Elfo: Well, at least we saved Luci.
Bean: But we released evil into upon the world...
Luci: A happy ending for everyone!

Big Jo: I shall soon cast thee out, demon, with these sacred tools.
Luci: You're a sacred tool.

Luci: (Puts out the fire using his tail and snake like togune. He then tries to catch his breath) I saved your life, now I can go back to ruining it--(a mysterious force pulls Luci into a demon-proof bottle Big Jo holds) --GYAH!...
Big Jo: (puts cork on bottle) Gotcha!
Luci: Agh! You can't do this, man! I want my lawyer!


Police Sergeant: (A boy feed a carrot to the police donkey) Please do not feed my vehicle!